ISSIA Vision Laboratory

We acquire and process images and multidimensional data to improve our understanding of the world around us, through  dedicated algorithms, the development of new prototypes and the study of complete intelligence

Our current research topics include:

  • Development of image acquisition prototypes with strict specifications
  • High resolution 3D vision systems for reconstruction of dense point clouds
  • Complex image processing
  • Machine learning algorithms in computer vision
  • New models for data analysis
  • Integration with field robotics for modeling and automatic interpretation of data



System for the acquisition of calibrated color images and of hyperspectral images in the range from 300 nm to 1700 nm.

● System to acquire calibrated color images (JAI CV-m9GE color 3 CCD camera, halogen lighting system, DOME shadow-less led lighting system HPD-150);
● Mini-spectrometers and lighting system Hamamatsu (C10083CAH, C9913GC, L10290);
● SpectroGraph Specim ImSpector V10;
● VariSpec Liquid Tunable Filters (CRI Inc.) : VIS-07-35, SNIR-07-20, LNIR-07-20.


3D reconstruction system for micro-structures Laser profilometer made of a high resolution camera and a laser source at 660 nm

  • Works with high absorption targets
  • Software algorithms for speckle noise reduction
  • In-plane resolution: 0.3 mm; Out-of-plane resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Scan speed: 20 mm/s
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2%


3D Prototyping Station

Temperature-controlled environment and amortized bowden.
● Printing Area: 400mm(diameter)x670mm(height)
● Layer Resolution: 100micron
● Type of Filaments: 1.75mm(diameter) PLA, ABS, Flex, HIPS, PETG
● Extruder for fluid-dense materials and for clay, stoneware, porcelain, earthenware.


3D reconstruction system for environmental monitoring Patent-pending catadioptric system made of a laser plane, a parabolic mirror and a high-resolution camera assisted by a telecentric lens.

● Outdoor
● Extended field-of-view (270°)
● Transversal resolution: 10 mm @ 3 m; Longitudinal resolution: custom (depending on vehicle speed)
● Dense point clouds with high density of points, up to 1e6 points per m3
● Scan speed: up to 300 km/h (10 mm of resolution along the movement axis)
● Measurement accuracy: ±2%


Acquisition setup employed for estimating the heliport target

● Camera: UI-2280SE-M-GL produced by IDS having a CCD chipset with resolution of 2448×2048 pixels. The pixel size is 6 µm.
● Linear stage: Manual linear stage by Festo with travel range of 2.10 m.
● Rotational stages: Micro manual rotary stages by Edmund having a full 360° travel range with a resolution of 0.04°


Hardware architecture for acquiring and processing complex scenes

● Monitoring and analysis of sportive events
● Real time control of high-throughput multi camera systems

Powered by:
● Intel Xeon CPU
● 32+ GB RAM
● 20+ TB Storage (SATA/SAS Controller)
● PoE interfaces for vision cameras